archie is my newest mischevious boy character bear of 12" tall
he is made of a brown bear coloured tipped alpaca with an ivory alpaca inset muzzle
his eyes are black glass and have added lids
his nose and mouth are stitched
he is 5 way jointed and weighted quite heavy
his paws are wool felt
I handmade archie his wool mix trousers and leather belt , and his knit sweater
he wears trainers on his feet
and a pair of glasses
he will stand if balanced and sit

Ordering Information:
usual layaway terms are half paid on ordering , the other half plus postage is due in 1 months time , items will not be removed from sale and marked as reserved until the first payment has been received

all my items are sent insured

I do undertake commissions on the understanding that it is not possible to make exact replicas

£130.00 GBP

United Kingdom   £10.00 GBP      
Europe   £15.00 GBP      
Rest of the World   £18.00 GBP      



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  1. She's a beautiful bear Sandra, I think you have such a signature look in this design x x